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My Escape to Thailand Day 1: Arrival

I arrived at the Suvarnabhumi Airport at 11:33 pm dazed and confused on March the 29th. I had been planning this trip since March 2022. I join Thaipod101 and had a month's worth of conversational lessons with Teacher Sarah at amazingtalker to allow me not to be uncomfortable or isolated in this new place. I have to admit I am still at three-year-old level. I can not learn languages or retain them very well. I also watched some youtube videos that help me learn the basics of what to do, not to do, and how to wander around the airport. I must stay though that video did not help because I arrived so late everything was closed. I spent an hour, an interesting hour, nevertheless an hour to find the cheaper exchange rates and airport link to see that they were already closed and then return to the place I began to start all over again. I say interesting because there was a man who was having mental problems, cussing and threatening me with his luggage cart. He did run it into me, but it was so light I just stared at him with it's 12 am in the morning, do you think I have the energy to be upset right now? I am trying to get to the hostel to sleep. He apparently could read my mind and left me alone after that, and shortly after that, the Thialnd security people herded him away from everyone. I was able to exchange money find the taxi driver, get to the hostel and check in. We ( the taxi driver and I ) had a loss in translation with him knowing little English and I little Thai adventure getting to the hostel however we made it with Gps and the local guard. I loved my home for this first week, The Yard Hostel. (Excuse any bad grammar. I have ADHD and bad spelling, I will try my best to make it readable for you.)

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