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Jet lag and lost March 30th

I left off with arriving at the hostel around 1:00 am. So dazed and confused that I gave the taxi 500 bahts to wander through the gate to the oasis that would be home for the week. I checked in, and well he checked me in. They need your job, address, and passport; I need to remember what else; however, it is not a simple name and card. Also, each place has a deposit that you pay at check-in. I went to my room, slept, woke up, and watched Bangkok come alive for the day.

I awoke to birds, watching a lady sweep the leaves, the people getting ready for the day, making coffee, and cleaning up from last night; a perfect way to start a day. I went for coffee and met a lovely man from France who was working here and enjoyed a delightful getting-to-know-you conversation. Then I had breakfast, finally making my way back to bed.

I awoke for my afternoon workshop, leaving, I thought, with plenty of time to find the place I was heading to and enjoy my journey there with drinks and food. I did enjoy the trip; however, it was by meeting lovely guards and Metro/ sky workers helping this poor woman who clearly could not read or follow directions get to the workshop. I will blame clicking on the wrong Gps map( I did the bus instead of the train) and jet lag for making my brain functional. I did find neat sculptures, at later, I found out about Siam Square, explored Chinatown unknowingly, and learned how the metro/ sky train worked. I was confident of getting around from then on.

I arrived at my Hands-on Authentic Thai Massage Workshop around 3:12 after a lovely wandering around the block for 30mins, and a restaurant worker gave me directions. I decided on this class for two reasons, to see how to teach a workshop with massage and to learn more techniques in a spa setting. I was joined in this class by a Korean and a Tawain gentleman. The two therapists were excellent and full of information. I recommend this workshop to anyone who wants a good introduction to Thai massage. The instructions for an essential massage were what I would give as a routine for self-care. I am looking forward to getting in touch with them soon to pick their brains on how to start my own couple workshops & prenatal workshop for self-care massages here at the spa. After the class, I told them how I got lost getting there and my adventure in finding the place. They were genuine worry about me getting home. The therapist, getting off work while I was leaving, offered to take me halfway back to the hostel. She was a delight to talk to about her experience as a massage therapist and her journey with the practice. After she got off, I discovered the Metro Mall and the skywalk because I got lost again due to wanting to avoid dealing with the rush traffic. I recommend both if you visit. The Skywalks are peaceful, calm, and a beautiful way to explore the city. The metro mall was a funky and neat way to see art by students.

That was how I spent my day. I must note that I had my Gps on so my husband could locate me, so I found out about the places' names, and where I had been once I got home with the WIFI. It is different from getting a recommendation for a youtube video of a place you have just been to. I hope you enjoyed it!

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