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Workshop, Van Gough, &Island Time

I enjoyed the day of April 3rd with the workshop learning the details of Thai massage for reflexology and legs. These areas affect the whole body. I meet a massage therapist from Jamaica, Hawaii, and Texas. It was great fun to have lunch with them and discuss how we approach our trade. I learn a lot from this experience. I, most importantly, rode a motorcycle taxi to the Thai Yoga Massage School, then went home by exploring a lovely wandering path through the inner allies made just for walkers back to the pier. It was a chance to see how the people live in the city.

The next day I went to the Iconsiam, where I saw 3D Van Gough art before catching a night bus for 8hrs and then a ferry for 3hrs to Koh Tao. The bus ride 8 hours with a stop at a night rest area. I met some lovely Indian guys and a couple of ladies on holiday, bonus Patrick, who I met from the Yard hostel. All were making my trip and night enjoyable.

I spent April 5th- 7th at Assava Diving Koh Tao for my advance open diving course. I spent the time battling sinuses with the help of my partner, a German woman, and my two diving instructors. We dove to Mango Bay, off Nang Youn Island, and a shipwreck.

I spent the next few days doing night yoga and visiting the beaches during the day. I went with different groups of people from the hostel and had a lovely time relaxing and enjoying the view. I can not tell you the name of the places. I hopped on the truck and let it take me where it was heading. I sat at a nice restaurant on the first day and enjoyed a snack. The next time I was in a hidden cove listening to live music and eating fruit. The following day I was at a quiet beach watching people scale rocks and then jump into the ocean. Each day was filled with good conversation over breakfast, a lazy day working on getting my sinus relief, a pleasant conversation on a beach, and a night filled with yoga and starry walks.

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